The Benefits Of Citrus Fruits

Like other fruits other than citrus fruit was good to eat too many benefits for mankind. aged care services Because oranges are rich in various vitamins and minerals that are good for the human body.

The benefits of citrus fruits for curing human diseases such as cough, for masks and much more. Did you know, vitamin C contained in citrus is not only beneficial to health, but also for the beauty of the skin? Vitamin C is now known as anti-oxidants that are very strong, which is a substance that can fight free radicals.

Vitamin C in its role as anti-oxidants, in addition to protecting the skin from the adverse effects of free radicals, it also strengthens skin cells, skin cells that can more rapidly repair damaged tissue due to the influence of these free radicals. In addition, vitamin C also increases the production of collagen in the skin so the skin elasticity was awake. This process is called the skin regeneration process.

Acid content contained on the vitamin C is also able to attenuate the hoard piles of dead skin leather. With the depletion of this dead skin, clogged pores are also reduced. This is especially good for oily skin / acne.
benefits of citrus fruit for you other than to eat them.

1. Bath
A refreshing citrus scent makes your spirit arises. This is very useful in the morning when you feel weak and dispirited. Wash with soap and citrus-scented shower gel. The smell of lime, or lime, for example, is very good for uplifting.

Conversely, if you feel tired after a full day’s activity, citrus fragrance can help soothe and comfort your body. Try soaking in a bath of water drops essential oil. Bath and inhale the aroma.

2. Aroma therapy
You feel sluggish because of hot air? Calm your mind and try to do deep breathing exercises, closing his eyes and inhaled the aroma of essential mixture of three drops of orange oil and two drops of citrus oil. Combine this oil with a little water and reheat. The steam created will refresh and reconcile feelings.

3. Natural Highlights
Want to get highlights hair naturally? Comb a few strands of hair with lemon juice, then bask in the sun. Strands of hair that is spiked with lemon juice will gradually change color to be younger so that it looks like highlights. Do not do this procedure if your hair is classified as dry or brittle.

4. Soothing Scalp
On a very hot day, try the following ways to cool your head. Make a mixture of hair tonic with lime or lemon juice. Refrigerate until cool, then use the head and massage with circular movements. In addition to soothing the scalp, it also helps you to control dandruff.

5. Troubleshooting Feet
Pieces of citrus, especially lemon and lemon, can help you overcome the problem of swollen feet, especially if too tired. Clean and wipe the feet until clean, then soak in warm water that spilled oil Citrus and Lemon oil. You can also put the pieces of fresh lemon in the water bath, or compress the leg with a piece of fruit.

6. Smooth Skin
You feel disturbed by the rough skin hardens and the color black? Lemon or lime juice can help solve this problem. Rub the pumice stone or hardened with scrub. Then, rub lemon wedges on the hardened parts. Use a moisturizer afterwards. Do this regularly to get satisfactory results.