Types Of Cat Litter: Learn To Choose The Most Appropriate

If we have cats at home, cat litter is one of the products most used for its practicality and of course because it neutralizes odors. In the pet store you can find lots of products of best self cleaning litter box 2017. From binder sand to small silica beads passing through ecological and artisan products. You choose.

Binder Sand

Before World War II, most cats carried a more internal than external life and their toilets were patios and gardens. For the needs in the interior, some families placed in the basements sandboxes or ashes of the furnace. However, this option did not much sympathize with the housewives of the 1940s.

Observing this situation, a former sailor named Ed Lowe suggested to his neighbor that he try to make an absorbent clay, which was a popular product for the cleaning of industrial spills in war factories. Thus was born the first cat litter called Kitty Litter, which offered better control of the smell.

In the mid-1990s, biochemist Thomas Nelson developed a binder sand. This allowed the odors not to be so strong. At present this type of sand offers aromatic and traditional variants. Most cats prefer the latter and not those sands that come scented. There are conflicting positions on whether binder sand is toxic to kittens a few months old. Although no studies exist in this respect, it is recommended that this product be used in cats over 4 months of age. In case your small pet ingests the product it is advisable that you take it as soon as possible to your veterinarian.

In pet stores there are also sands that have been made with environmentally friendly materials such as recycled newspaper, corncobs, peanut shells, processed orange peels, wheat, pine wood chips and cedar. All these products promise to control the smell, have long life and be friendly to the planet.

If you are in doubt about what kind of sand to buy we recommend that you choose a product that neutralizes odors such as bentonite or silica pebbles, that is suitable for your pantie and that its texture is not small so that there are no remains or in the Hair or legs. In addition, it is a disposable product, friendly to the environment and economical.

Another alternative is to build your own sand . For this you need baking soda, water and newspapers that you no longer use. To prepare the product, you first have to shred the paper. Then see the pieces dipping inside a container with water and detergent. Let soak for a few minutes.

Take a strainer and drain the preparation. Soak the paper again with warm water and drain. Put some baking soda on the paper and go kneading the preparation. As you do, you can make small balls. Finally, in a tray, place the preparation and let it dry for about a day. For selecting your perfect type of cat litter box you will need to checkout the best litter box reviews with expert reviews online.