Beware of the Facebook Scams to Stay Safe Online

The Increasing number of the Facebook scams have put up a security issue for the users of Facebook. Scams are creating a junk on the Facebook and its not quite easy to avoid them avoid chat with random people. Scammer’s are much smarter that they create such type of content that the users cant resist to click on the link. There are few online services that claim that they can keep your Facebook account safe from scams and MyPageKeeper is one of those who can protect you online from these type of facebook scams.

Most of the scams messages are spreading through Click-jacking or Like-Jacking. When any user clicks on the link provided in the scam message, the message will be ticked as ‘Liked” and it will be automatically posted on your Facebook wall. If the user is not logged in it will stay there but once user has logged in it will get posted on your wall without the knowledge of the user.

Below is the list of some facebook scams that you should take care of:

1. My First Baby Birth [Video]

My First Baby birth is a video scam, which is created by the blog and the blog is hosted on blogger. If you will click on the link, it will redirect you to the scam page (on blogger) and if you clicked on the play video it will be counted as a “like” by you and it will automatically posted on your wall. This video is not so harmful for the users account as it not insert any type of malicious content on with the video but any thing without the permission of the user is harmful a bit. It may compromise the security of your account.

2. 99% of people cant watch this video for more than 25 Seconds:

This is also a video which contains content related to nudity. It is liked by many of the people as the people are not aware that is is a scam which will gonna feel you shame because when you will click on the link, it will redirect you to the website where the video is hosted and then it will ask you to confirm that you are an adult and once you confirmed that you are 18+, it will allow you to play the video and then there will be a scam, the video will automatically be posted on your wall so that your friends gonna watch it and do the same procedure.

In a last few days i have seen many of the scams but from all of them theses 2 were pathetic as it contains the nudity content, your family members can watch it that how kind of videos you are sharing on Facebook. I will post an article after few days regarding how to Stay secure from these scams so don’t worry. Till the time try to stay secure from these kind of scams as nothing in this world is for free and for every things you have to pay its price whether it is small or big.

Red Ink Homes of Perth Australia

Randolph Custom Homes of Florida, LLC is owned and managed by Randall Randolph, a licensed residential contractor – Click here to visit their partner.

Randy has over 30 years of building experience in both Michigan and Florida.
While in Michigan, Randy and his wife, Candi, owned and operated Randolph Custom Homes, LLC and Huron River Log Homes, LLC. They built a successful residential building business and specialized in custom log homes.

From 1999 to 2005, the building industry was flourishing and Randy built many homes, from simple starter/retirement homes to beautiful custom residences, including log homes.
The photo here was taken in the Great Room of his own log home in Michigan, which also served as a model home and business office.

After moving to Florida early in 2006, Randy obtained his residential contractor license and opened Randolph Custom Homes of Florida, LLC. Shortly after that he opened The Wizard Handyman Service, which has evolved into a thriving business.

Randy offers creativity in design, organization of the job to maintain efficiency, the skills needed to perform the work and the ability to see the job through to it’s completion.
This photo of a kitchen remodel in a home in south Fort Myers is an example of how Randy works with the homeowner to take their vision and turn it into reality.

From concept to material selection, color palette to lighting, Randy can offer suggestions that will reflect the homeowner’s style and maintain their budget. See more of this home on the Photos page.
What makes Randy unique as a home builder & remodeler? As he often tells his clients, “I can build a house from start to finish with my own two hands.” This means that aside from major subcontracting areas such as foundations, plumbing and electrical, Randy has the skills and expertise to literally handle every aspect of a new home build, or a remodel to an existing home.
You can be assured, if Randy is overseeing your project it will be completed professionally, efficiently and quality will always take priority. And most clients will also say that he is not only highly qualified, he is also a most interesting fellow with quite the sense of humor. They will also tell you that when working with Randy, you’ll always know exactly what is on his mind!

Since moving to Florida in 2006 and establishing the building company, Randy has also developed another successful business, The Wizard Handyman Servicein the greater Fort Myers area. With the building business in such a downturn, Randy put his resourcefulness and drive to succeed into action and has created quite a following of satisfied clients who never hesitate to call his services are needed.

Contact Randy
Never having been the type of person who could sit behind a desk, Randy gets involved in every job his company undertakes and works harder than most people half his age (and usually at twice the pace!).

Randy also subscribes to the philosophy to enjoy every day, and he does just that. You might find him at Fort Myers Beach with Candi, getting their exercise bike riding, or with a 3 mile walk over the Matanzas bridge and down the beach. Or, he might be sitting at the Yucatan Beach Stand, kibitzing with the staff. When Randy isn’t working, he is enjoying the day (and we have a lot of great days in southwest Florida!)

His prior years as a hockey player pay tribute to the fact that Randy is an assertive, competitive man who is up for the challenge. After hockey, Randy took up golf and almost immediately excelled at that sport. He is also a very competitive dart thrower and enjoys relaxing after a tiring work day by sipping on a drink and throwing some games of darts.

Why would you want to know these details about Randy Randolph? Because hiring a contractor means you are inviting that person into your home, even if for a short period of time. Like most consumers, you want to know as much as you can about a contractor, and a little bit of biographical information gives you some background into who Randy is and what he is all about.

Of course, the quality of the work provided is of utmost importance, but so is the quality of the person performing the work.

Whether your project will take 1 hour or 1 month, you need to be absolutely confident of the contractor walking through your door. You’ll never have to worry about Randy Randolph, licensed residential builder / the Wizard Handyman.

Need references? No problem! Randy will be happy to provide you with the names and contact information of satisfied clients from handyman and remodeling services in the greater Fort Myers area.

The Benefits Of Citrus Fruits

Like other fruits other than citrus fruit was good to eat too many benefits for mankind. aged care services Because oranges are rich in various vitamins and minerals that are good for the human body.

The benefits of citrus fruits for curing human diseases such as cough, for masks and much more. Did you know, vitamin C contained in citrus is not only beneficial to health, but also for the beauty of the skin? Vitamin C is now known as anti-oxidants that are very strong, which is a substance that can fight free radicals.

Vitamin C in its role as anti-oxidants, in addition to protecting the skin from the adverse effects of free radicals, it also strengthens skin cells, skin cells that can more rapidly repair damaged tissue due to the influence of these free radicals. In addition, vitamin C also increases the production of collagen in the skin so the skin elasticity was awake. This process is called the skin regeneration process.

Acid content contained on the vitamin C is also able to attenuate the hoard piles of dead skin leather. With the depletion of this dead skin, clogged pores are also reduced. This is especially good for oily skin / acne.
benefits of citrus fruit for you other than to eat them.

1. Bath
A refreshing citrus scent makes your spirit arises. This is very useful in the morning when you feel weak and dispirited. Wash with soap and citrus-scented shower gel. The smell of lime, or lime, for example, is very good for uplifting.

Conversely, if you feel tired after a full day’s activity, citrus fragrance can help soothe and comfort your body. Try soaking in a bath of water drops essential oil. Bath and inhale the aroma.

2. Aroma therapy
You feel sluggish because of hot air? Calm your mind and try to do deep breathing exercises, closing his eyes and inhaled the aroma of essential mixture of three drops of orange oil and two drops of citrus oil. Combine this oil with a little water and reheat. The steam created will refresh and reconcile feelings.

3. Natural Highlights
Want to get highlights hair naturally? Comb a few strands of hair with lemon juice, then bask in the sun. Strands of hair that is spiked with lemon juice will gradually change color to be younger so that it looks like highlights. Do not do this procedure if your hair is classified as dry or brittle.

4. Soothing Scalp
On a very hot day, try the following ways to cool your head. Make a mixture of hair tonic with lime or lemon juice. Refrigerate until cool, then use the head and massage with circular movements. In addition to soothing the scalp, it also helps you to control dandruff.

5. Troubleshooting Feet
Pieces of citrus, especially lemon and lemon, can help you overcome the problem of swollen feet, especially if too tired. Clean and wipe the feet until clean, then soak in warm water that spilled oil Citrus and Lemon oil. You can also put the pieces of fresh lemon in the water bath, or compress the leg with a piece of fruit.

6. Smooth Skin
You feel disturbed by the rough skin hardens and the color black? Lemon or lime juice can help solve this problem. Rub the pumice stone or hardened with scrub. Then, rub lemon wedges on the hardened parts. Use a moisturizer afterwards. Do this regularly to get satisfactory results.

Mental Illness Or Undiagnosed Physical Disorder

It is my duty as a medical technologist and American citizen to urge you to take immediate action to protect our citizens by discontinuing to diagnose patients complaining about one or more physical symptoms (including but not limited to exhaustion, pins/needles, headaches, muscle pains, stomach pains, weight gain or loss, jaw clenching, sleep problems, restlessness, panic, anxiety, rashes, premenstrual symptoms, and anger) and/or complaining buy codeine about altered mental status (including but not limited to paranoia, delusions, loss of focus, confusion, memory loss, mood swings, disorganization, obsession, loss of control, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts…) with a mental disorder: ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and the numerous other mental disorders established by psychiatry. Please also discontinue diagnosing patients exhibiting one or more signs of altered mental status (including but not limited to paranoia, delusions, loss of focus, confusion, memory loss, mood swings, disorganization, obsession, loss of control, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts…) with ADHD or another mental disorder.

It is also my duty as a medical technologist and American citizen to urge you to take immediate action to protect our citizens by discontinuing the practice of prescribing stimulants to persons exhibiting attention deficits. It is also your duty to limit prescribing psychiatric medications to individuals complaining about physical symptoms and/or complaining about or exhibiting signs of altered mental status. It is the professional obligation of physicians to treat every patient with dignity and to look for the underlying physical causes of patients’ complaints and as the very last measure, a life saving precaution, resort to prescribing psychiatric medications. I am aware that this is not happening.

There are no laboratory standards in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) for the diagnosis of mental illness. And if you read the DSM IV closely you may understand that the symptoms associated with mental illness are physical symptoms.

According to research, the majority of psychiatric patients have abnormal blood test results, direct confirmation of a physical disorder. In fact, I am aware that abnormal lab test results are erroneously being used as markers for diagnosing bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. This being the case, patients are wrongly diagnosed, unethically stigmatized with a diagnosis of ADHD and/or mental illness, being drugged and getting sicker. This has been going on too long.

There are several progressive conditions affecting persons throughout the world: hypersensitivity to caffeine and hypersensitivity to adrenaline (1). A masked condition, ongoing caffeine anaphylaxis alters biochemical make-up and causes attention deficits, psychosis, and other conditions, all preventable and curable (1-4). Chronic adrenaline hypersensitivity is capable of the same (1).

I urge you to protect American citizens by:

1). Immediately requesting that any patient with one or more abnormal mental symptoms be thoroughly examined by a licensed medical doctor, preferably not a psychiatrist.

2) Immediately requesting that all medical doctors order a battery of hematology and chemistry tests (including, but not limited to muscle enzyme tests and theophylline, non-routine tests, and a complete blood count (CBC)) for every patient complaining about idiopathic symptoms and/or mental status changes and every patient exhibiting altered mental status. Patients with elevated muscle enzymes and other abnormal physical changes are erroneously being diagnosed with and treated for mental illness (1, 2, 4).

3) Immediately requesting that medical doctors, including psychiatrists, treat patients for their corresponding medical condition and do not prescribe psychiatric medication to any patient with any abnormal blood test(s) result, as the patient with an abnormal laboratory test result is in an abnormal physical state.

On behalf of the American people and ethical medical practice, I respectfully request that you do not ignore this letter.

A Healthy Dose of Self Compassion

Many people who are trying to lose weight feel that if they only had a little more self-discipline, if they deprived themselves a bit more and exerted more willpower, maybe then they would succeed. This is the essence of the dieting mentality which implies that you need to suffer, dihydrocodeine punish and shame yourself into arriving at a healthy weight and then you will succeed at maintaining it happily ever after. This approach certainly didn’t work for me and the rest of the country doesn’t seem to be doing much better either.

When you turn your approach around and take a 180 degree turn away from dieting, suddenly you make way for loving kindness, self-compassion, nurturing and intuitive self-care. When you allow yourself to get attuned with the signals of your body, listen to and trust yourself to know what you need at any given time, you can begin to march to the beat of your own drum, rather than the rules of a diet.

Often managing a healthy weight is not about the knowledge, because most of us intuitively know what healthy choices are. In order to live and eat with our best interests every day, we have to work with rather than against our bodies, hearts and minds. When certain diets ask you to give up entire foods groups, do you really feel good about that? If you start another high protein diet, how long will it be before you start dreaming of fruit and bread and mashed potatoes? What about the constipation and the bad breath? It is only a matter of time before you experience a slip up. As soon as you take your first no-no nibble is when you start beating yourself up, leading to more self-hatred and never-ending frustration. Not to mention rebound overeating.

On the other hand, if you give yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods and you practice talking to yourself in a loving, nurturing and caring way, you are more likely to eat moderately. When you are compassionate with yourself, you eat and move in a way that nourishes and energises your body. You are more likely to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full, move when you feel energised and rest when you feel tired. And because you are following nobody’s rules but your own, there is no failure – ever. Isn’t that a better way to live?

Interior Design Ideas For Your Arizona Home

Everyone in the world has a dream home and everyone is working towards getting that dream home. When a person gets the dream home the next step is to design and decorate that home. Designing the interiors of a house are always a very awesome and quite an exciting experience. Interior décor or interior designing for commercial fit outs needs a lot of creativity and also an ability to think out of the box. Interior designing is basically a practice concerned with any and everything that is found inside a space. Interior designing might include anything from choosing the curtains and the furniture to the positioning of walls and choosing the paint of the walls among a lot of other things.

Interior designing is a very relative field and designing the interiors of a house varies from region to region and from country to country. Houses all over the world are different and the interiors of these houses also have a world of difference in them. One thing that is certain is that the interiors of a house in Indonesia just cannot be incorporated into a house say in Germany. Every region and every country has some specialties and some little intricacies that need to be incorporated while designing the interiors of a house in that particular region.

Arizona is a state which is a unique state in terms of climate and the natural environment of Arizona is very different from the rest of the United States. Thus there are a lot of different interior design ideas for your Arizona home. One of the best ways to decorate a home in Arizona is to utilize the nature and the beautiful natural surroundings of Arizona. Leaving a lot of open spaces and giving a very open and uncluttered look to your home in Arizona can be a very good idea. There are lots and lots of interior design ideas for your Arizona home and a lot of interior designing companies provide their services for you to get your perfect Arizona home. One of the most reputed companies offering such services is Ownby Design. Ownby Design is one of the most reliable companies which do interior designing and this company is sure to design your Arizona home as you want it to be.

Another very good interior design idea for your Arizona home is to go for light and subtle color tones for the inner walls. Arizona has a very arid and a hot climate and thus colors which are too dark and bright will make the house look small, on the other hand light colors like a creamy white or a light pink will no doubt enhance the look of the house and will also give the house a very airy look. Choosing the right furniture is also quite important for an Arizona home. Try and choose a lot of wooden furniture and try and give your house a very rustic and an old world look. Using plants and decorative shrubs inside the house is also a very good idea and will no doubt compliment the wonderful outdoors of Arizona beautifully.

French Doors, Prices and Designs Of French Doors

If you are about to construct, remodel, or redesign your home, stop for a while and think. “What is the best addition I should incorporate in my property to make it look appealing and functional?”

With that question in your mind, Solar panels Melbourne you will surely come up with many ideas, for sure. But you have to keep in mind that what you should come up with should be something that exudes characteristics that best define the words ‘appealing’, ‘attractive’, and ‘energy efficient’. This way, you sure will have something that will soon become the envy to others and a pride and convenience on your part. As of the present days, modern homes and even establishments come up with the so-called French Doors.
These are doors which are so popular they are widely used all over the world today. These doors provide users with a wide array of benefits. Aside from they are attractive and appealing, they are energy-efficient as well.

They are energy-efficient in a way they allow lights from the outside to illuminate inside your home, thus saving you much from electricity bills. Efficiency is further increased when you make use of weather seals and can be achieved by means of double glazing and draught-proofing.

French Doors with Blinds

French doors are versatile in a way they can be adorned with blinds. The use of blinds simply adds the wow factor of a home and this especially true when your doors are of the French door style.
Some of the common types of blinds for your French door include:

Micro blinds
Mini blinds
Vinyl mini blinds
Aluminum blinds
Vertical blinds
Horizontal blinds
Wooden blinds
French Doors Curtains
Aside from using blinds, there is also another way to exquisitely adorn your priced French doors.
Hanging curtains behind your doors is also a very effective way to accentuate the beauty and grandeur of your French doors.
Curtains can be functional, decorative or both. When choosing curtains as a way to dress your door, you need to consider a few things before you buy.
For one, you have to consider the length and width of your door.
Secondly, you have to get rid of curtains that sag at the sides and get rid of curtains that are sewn at a sloppy manner. These things to avoid will only detract the airy and good view of your French door.

French Doors with Sidelights

Another option for your French door is the use of sidelights. Basically, sidelights are usually made from panes of glass and are typically narrower than your actual door. The side lights are commonly set on one or on both sides of your door. Sidelights also add the charm and strength to you entrance making them highly sought by many French door lovers.

French Doors Prices

Prices of French doors may vary from one shop to another. This is why it is important to do a comparative shopping before ending up with one. This way, you will surely end up with a shop (online or offline) that offers the best deals and the best prices compared to others.

Design Tips Range From Bedroom Wall Units To Chandelier Details

No room for a free-standing desk in your bedroom? A wall unit will provide a built-in spot to pay bills and catch up on correspondence. Invest in one with a desktop which drops down for working and folds up to hide pens and papers. Then team it up with a decorative chair which doesn’t need to be put away.

A tiny space will never look big and airy, flood restoration so indulge in a bright bold pallet for maximum effect even if the rest of your home is more subdued. Think of a small bath or powder room as a little surprise for visitors.

Luxuriously draped and canopied beds are making a comeback. Layer coordinating fabrics, add bullion fringe and tiebacks and sleep in royal style.
If blending various prints, plaids and solids has you confused, remember that you can mix any of them with a stripe. For guidance try this: one large-scale print, a medium stripe, a small dark print and a small light print.

Just as stripes are used in the fashion industry to create the illusion of height or width, they can be used to create the same effect in a room. Stripes used vertically in a room with a low ceiling, for example, will appear to add height by drawing the eye upward.

The width of the stripe you select is crucial. If you use narrow stripes in a large room the lines will tend to blur together. On the other hand, large stripes used in a small room can be overwhelming. Choose a scale compatible with your room’s size.

A rule of thumb is that three of a kind makes a collection. Three teapots, Limoges, plates, etc.
When arranging a display, study the height and angle at which you will approach a group of objects and arrange them accordingly. Be sure to pay special attention to the view from a room’s doorway.

Tassels used sparingly make terrific accents. For example, a dangling tassel makes a china cabinet or desk drawer that much more inviting.
A simple hardware store shelf held up by support brackets becomes an elegant vanity when teamed up with a pleated slipcover and mirror.

Need to add that extra sizzle to a room? Try painting your ceiling moulding with an accent color pulled from wallpaper, fabric or even a favorite pillow. A rich burgundy, matte gold, deep peacock or other distinctive color will give a “designed” look to any room.

Leftover wallpaper from your kitchen? Don’t throw away that quarter of a roll, instead turn it into placemats with clear placemat sleeves. They work and look terrific and are protected from children .

Don’t leave out greenery and flower arrangements because they are truly an integral part of the finished project as much as artwork and accessories.
Shopping for an ottoman? Opt to purchase one with a removable top and storage space. It can be a great place to store magazines, games, craft materials or books.
Unique old doors, wrought iron fence segments and shutters are all items that can be turned into original bed headboards. Architectural salvage yards yield many treasures.

Contemplating vertical blinds but feel they will look a bit plain? Specialty blinds available through interior designers can have fabric or wallpaper inserted into each vein for a beautiful look.

Getting Your College Degree in Interior Design

Thinking about a college degree in interior design, and not sure just what your options may be? There are several schools actually out there offering an online education, with many offering a physical campus education that is much different in delivery. Making the choice between the platforms should correlate best with your current lifestyle, job, schedule, house extensions and everything else in your life that mandates your time. You should also get the facts on costs, time lengths, and accreditation as well.

How to Find the Best Online Interior Design Schools?
The internet offers great resources today, directing you to the most quality in education helping you find the accredited schools that will provide you with the degree that is needed to pursue your desired career. There are several questions you need to ask yourself before finding the right school, however, ensuring you make the best decision possible.
• Is Interior Design College online going to facilitate your needs?
• How long are you expecting to attend school?
• Do you have any prior education in interior design?
• Are you interested in entrepreneurship, managerial positions, or just technical positions in the field?
There are many representatives with interior design colleges both online and off that can identify your needs with you, helping you to make the best decision based on the specifics in your life.
Understanding Your Curriculum
Whether you opt for getting an interior design degree online or offline, you will have a similar layout in courses to attend.
• Space Planning and Design
• History of Architecture and Furniture
• Legislation and Regulations in Space Design
• Graphic Design and Planning
There are many classes you will complete in order to earn your degree. Online or offline, you will also participate in discussions within your classroom, allowing you to understand the many elements of the interior design industry, all that goes in and all that goes out.

What to Expect After Interior Design Career Training

Many degree programs and schools offer internship opportunities to assist you with building your foundation with the experience that is desired in the industry. This can have a difference in your future potential as you will likely earn less without this experience, between $30,000 and $50,000 on average. With higher experience you can reach the higher of the range, with higher degrees reaching potentials of up to $70,000 or more, with a master’s degree opening doors to management, ownership, and entrepreneurship with endless possibilities in income and growth.
Making the right decision for you should be a decision based on the schools offered and what they can offer, as well as what you are able to accomplish within your time limits and schedule. You can choose to attend online or offline colleges that can differ in structure but will remain similar in curriculum and instruction. There are cost differences between platforms, which can range between $10,000 and $20,000 in difference, with time length differences as well, as there is an opportunity to obtain your degree in as little as 17 months in accelerated instruction programs, so make a choice that will work best for you.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Pricing

There’s always danger in using a historical name on a new design, as 2014 jeep cherokee is doing with the 2014 jeep cherokee. Contrasts will certainly be quickly drawn to its predecessors, either current or distant, and haters inevitably come out of the woodwork to decry the sullying of the state label with an unworthy car. Melbourne paint protection Chrysler experienced this when it revived the Dodge Charger nameplate and outraged the Mopar faithful by attaching the tag to a sedan rather than a coupe, and, a lot more just recently, with the intro of the Dodge Dart compact sedan. And this new 2014 jeep cherokee stands to obtain the closet cross-examination by the faithful. Differences between the new Cherokee and its instant predecessor, the Jeep Freedom, are vast.

Whereas the Freedom used a longitudinal, quasi-anybody, live rear-axle platform, the brand-new 2014 jeep cherokee is built on Chrysler’s CUSW platform, which it shares with the Dart. It’s freely based upon the Alfa Romeo Giulietta framework, but the 2014 jeep cherokee shows the system’s adaptability by not only matching or surpassing many of the Freedom’s key off-road qualities- particularly, approach, departure, and breakover positions- but also by also promising a smoother trip on-road, much better aerodynamics, and significantly enhanced gas economy. Before a lot of details were released on the brand-new 2014 jeep cherokee, Jeep lover blogs were rife with comments and conjecture about it taking the exact same road as the Compass and Patriot, entry-level compact designs that share their reinforcements with the un-loved Dodge Value. Although trims of both designs were fastened with Jeep’s “Trail Rated” badge, both’s groaning CVTs and lack of a real reduced range made them illegitimate heirs to the Jeep name in the eyes of numerous. However Vehicle engineers and developers clearly understood exactly what they were getting into with the 2014 jeep cherokee, and have responded to critics and cynics by supplying 3 unique off-road systems, 2 of which feature a reduced assortment. However while the 2014 jeep cherokee Drivetrain is big headlines, its enhancement in fuel effectiveness, which ranges from a claimed 31 percent of V-6 models to 45 percent of the four-cylinder model, obtains equivalent invoicing. Nonetheless, it is essential to keep in context that for the last few model years, the Liberty was offered just by V-6 power.

The 2014 jeep cherokee foundation mill-hand is Chrysler’s 2.4-liter Tigershark I-4, an adjustment of the largely used “World Engine” with Fiat’s MultiAir variable valve lift modern technology. The 2014 jeep cherokee has not yet launched official EPA figures, however declares a decent 31 mpg road for the two-wheel-drive design. Those that desire a lot more go could choose the 3.2-liter version of Chrysler’s Pentastar V-6. Still port-injected, the smaller engine provides a healthy and balanced 271 HP and 239 lb-ft of torque, an enhancement of 61 HP and 4 lb-ft over the Freedom’s aged 3.7-liter, SOHC 12-valve V-6. The most radical change in the 2014 jeep cherokee Powertrain department is the fostering of a nine-speed automated transmission. Designated 948TE by Chrysler, it’s actually a license-built variant of the ZF 9HP that was just recently acclaimed in the 2014 Array Rover Evoque. The Cherokee will be offered in four drive configurations: front-drive and three tastes of all-wheel drive. The three types of AWD are 2014 jeep cherokee Active Drive I the standard, single-speed four-wheel-drive system, Vehicle Active Drive II which includes a low-range proportion, and Jeep Active Drive Lock essentially Active Drive II with a securing back differential. The last is provided only on the off-road-oriented Trailhawk design. All systems obtain 4 terrain modes: Automobile, Snow, Sport, and Sand/Mud, though the Trailhawk’s Active Drive Lock extras a 5th- Stone- available only in reduced array to maximize power application for rock-crawling.

Both the Mud/Sand and Rock Modes can disperse approximately ONE HUNDRED percent of power to the back axle. Throughout a typical on-road function, the four-wheel-drive systems detach the back axle for much less mechanical nuisance and improved fuel economy. Jeep is acclaiming this as an industry-first function. Additionally, Active Drive II and Active Drive Lock-equipped designs include impressively higher crawl ratios of 56.0:1 for I-4-powered Cherokees and 47.8:1 for models powered by the V-6.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Proportion

Both ideal the Grand cherokee 44:1 proportion and normal Wrangler’s 38.9:1- only the ugly Rubicon’s 73.1:1 is higher. Obviously, capability is determined by more than merely rock-crawling ability. To that end, the 2014 jeep cherokee has a maximum trailer hauling capacity of 4500 pounds. Sharp-eyed subscribers will note that’s down 500 pounds from the outgoing Freedom’s max tow ranking, yet it’s 1000 pounds more than almost any other design in the small/midsize crossover course and between 2500-3000 greater than most mainstream models such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. Face to face, the 2014 jeep cherokee looks smaller sized than photos could recommend, and also smaller sized compared to the Freedom, though it’s fractionally longer and wider. The impression already existing in part since the boxier Liberty is some five inches taller.

Weight-wise, the 2014 jeep cherokee is lighter compared to the Freedom in most configurations, yet not significantly. The vehicle did not release the weight for four-cylinder designs, but the front-drive V-6 2014 jeep cherokee suggestions the scales at 3811 pounds and the Trailhawk is available in at 4106 pounds. The outward bound Liberty 4×4 weighed in at 4290, with the 2WD comes in at 4076. Most of the 2014 Cherokee’s indoor levels and abilities are within an inch or 2 of the Freedom in many dimensions, with the 2014 jeep cherokee has a slight edge in hip space due to the fact that it’s slightly bigger. However when it comes to indoor styling and components, there’s no contest. The Cherokee’s toned touch and console are a significant renovation over the Freedom’s angular, straight-edged cabin, not just in style yet likewise in material high quality. The 2014 jeep cherokee additionally uses soft-touch resource on the doorway uppers, doorway armrests, upper dash panel, and center armrest. Napa natural leather seating surface areas with motorist’s side memory seats are available, as are heated up and cooled down front seats, a heated steering wheel, a cordless gadget charging pad, and Chrysler’s enormous 8.4-inch center touchscreen screen with available streaming media apps Pandora, Aha, and heart Radio. A 5-inch touchscreen display comes requirement. The 2014 jeep cherokee is likewise the first Chrysler item to get offered park assist. Adaptive boat trip control is also a choice, the district of six-figure luxury cars simply a couple of years ago. Flexible cruise also includes automatic stopping. Of course, we saved the most effective for last. As early as images were seeped of the new Cherokee’s design, the responses were prompt and polarized.

In a very early media sneak peek, prior to the piece was even pulled back, Vehicle wraps prefaced the styling by claiming “You’re most likely going to detest it.” There’s no refuting it’s an extreme departure from the appeal we’ve involved getting out of Jeep. Some have also contrasted it to the Nissan Juke because of the 2 automobiles’ comparable illumination configurations. Like on the Juke, the 2014 jeep cherokee upper light strip includes LED running lights and directional signals, while the real headlights are mounted laser on the front fascia. For most Cherokees, the front lights are housed in an incorporated, one-piece body-colored shapes front bumper cover. On the Trailhawk, they are surrounded by a gray plastic accent piece that covers the bumper and decrease fascia and comes up and around the front lights. Subjectively, we prefer the styling therapy of the Trailhawk, which likewise includes both brilliant red tow hooks, which Vehicle wraps happily claim are totally functional. At the rear end, all 2014 jeep cherokee obtain LED tail lights come-on. They’re a high-mounted horizontal development bordering the rear glass. Pricing has actually not yet been released, but to offer some context, the Freedom 4×2 starts at $24,320 prior to rewards, climbing to $34,330 for a jam-packed Restricted Jet Publication 4×4. We think a fully-equipped cherokee Limited V-6 4×4 could peak that total, yet we don’t see the 2014 jeep cherokee going over $40,000, but freaking out on dealer-installed Mopar accessories, which we have actually been guaranteed will certainly be plentiful. Taking into consideration a Ford Retreat chooses $22,865 for the price-leader S trim, a Honda CR-V starts at around $23,625, and a Subaru Forester goes to $23,820 with an automatic, the starting rate on a front-drive, four-cylinder 2014 jeep cherokee will likely start around the $23,000 variety. Official pricing will certainly be launched deeper into the Cherokee’s anticipated on-sale day this summer.

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Chrysler has unveiled the 2014 jeep cherokee, which switches out the Vehicle Liberty. The Jeep Cherokee has little in common with the Grand Cherokee. While the Grand Cherokee is a complete sized SUV, the Cherokee is Vehicle’s entry level crossover, which joins the very same segment as the Honda CR-V. This mid-sized SUV will certainly debut at the NYC Vehicle Show following month and will take place sale later this year. The 2014 jeep cherokee will be generated at the company’s Toledo plant in Ohio. The 2014 jeep cherokee is the initial Jeep item to be created by the Fiat-Chysler partnership. The Cherokee is based on the Fiat compact broad platform, which likewise makes use of on the Fiat Viaggio, Dodge Dart and Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Power will come from an assortment of engines, consisting of a 3.2-liter V6 gas motor. The 2014 jeep cherokee will certainly be powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine in India. The SUV will be mated to a 9-speed automated gearbox and will be offered in front-wheel and four-wheel drive variants. The 2014 jeep cherokee is expected to be priced at Rs. 20 lakhs in India.