What Are The Best HID Light Bulbs And Kits?

If you are planning to upgrade from OEM to aftermarket for your vehicle headlights, then one of your best option is to convert to HID light bulbs and kits. There are a variety of HID light bulbs and kits in the market and sometimes one can get confused when it comes to selecting the right one for their vehicle. There are various factors to consider before opting for this option. There are various advantages of getting this light bulb and it is best for night time drive out in the city and to get bright light. To help you to choose the best HID light bulbs and the kits, this article will take a look at some of the best HID light bulbs and kits.

HID Light Bulbs

What Are The Best HID Light Bulbs And Kits?

  • Kensun HID Xenon conversion kit is one of the best options that you can opt for your vehicle. The HID bulbs are waterproof and they are shock proof as well. It is very easy to install the light bulbs as it uses the technology of “plug and play”. It can take up maximum 20 minutes or so to install the light bulbs and the wiring offered by these HID light bulbs are durable in nature. The ballasts that come with the HID light bulbs are water proof as well. However, it can be quite expensive as well.
  • OPT7 blitz bullet HID kit is very easy to mount on the vehicle without any hassle and the ballasts are small in size. It is very easy to install as well and mounting and installing may only require 10 minutes or so. It offers a continuous lifespan of 4000 hours and it is very durable in nature as well. The lights are bright and clear and it is very powerful enough to serve as a fog light as well. The shell casing is made up of aluminum alloy, providing the case strength and durability and it is filled with silicon, which is water resistant. You may require purchasing additional equipments and tools as well.
  • Apex HID Xenon conversion kit is one of the most affordable and it is very easy to install as well. The HID bulbs are water resistant, shock resistant and dust proof, making them very durable and capable of being used for any weather conditions.
  • Innovited AC 35W HID xenon Conversion kit will offer you with a range of colour temperature spectrum that you can easily choose from. The lifespan of the light bulbs are great as well, offering up to 5,500 hours of life span.
  • SDX HID headlight DC Xenon Premium conversion kit comes with top class ballasts and these are longer in size as well. The excellent customer service will resolve any issues with care.
  • 55W Kensun HID xenon conversion kit is another great choice for you if you want best quality ballasts that will offer variable amount of power. It will also offer a wide range of colours as well till 30000K.

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